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According to Peoria police, Woolsey's former student, who is now an adult, came forward last Thursday and filed a report claiming sexual abuse that described 15 specific incidents that occurred during their three-year affair.

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Geo Cities was a web-hosting service that made it possible for people to build their own home pages. service shut down in October 2009, there were over 38 million Geo Cities pages.

During the 90s, users from all over the world created personalized corners of the Internet. Cameron’s World brings together archived material from thousands and thousands of these sites.

In an age where we interact primarily with branded and marketed web content, Cameron’s World is a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet.

This project recalls the visual aesthetics from an era when it was expected that personal spaces would always be under construction.

Although the ministry acknowledges that sexuality education is part and parcel of adolescent health programmes meant to empower young people with skills of making safe and healthy choices, Mr Yusuf Nsubuga, the director basic education, said the information must be age appropriate, culturally and religiously acceptable.


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