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I get many career women in their mid- to late-30s who have been very successful building up their careers and now they’re embarrassed that they haven’t got what they really want.

Most would give up their careers in a heartbeat for the right relationship.” Mary Balfour, who started Drawing Down the Moon – an upmarket introduction agency (£1,650 initial payment plus £20 a month for 15 months is the most popular fee) that projects itself as “the dating agency for thinking people” – also thinks that men these days have a very tough time.

We all know the famous aphorism that if you’re female, live in New York and you’re over 30 you have more chance of being run over than finding a mate.

Judging by contemporary writing on the subject, there are more single people looking for a soulmate than at any other time in human history.

It didn’t seem right at my age to go to clubs looking for women.